Global Cinema Distribution is a complete end-to-end film distribution and film marketing company.  GCD specializes in theatrical distribution that utilizes the latest technologies to provide film projects with the most successful distribution possible. The company analyzes each feature to determine its core audience and then creates a marketing strategy, a distribution plan, and a comprehensive business plan that is crafted exclusively for every release.

Global Cinema Distribution offers distribution and marketing services for independent film producers, theatrical or DVD, or VOD release. The company creates innovative marketing strategies to maximize a film’s theatrical revenue and manages P&A risk, while increasing the value of ancillary revenue streams and the ultimate profitability of the film.

GCD is experienced in providing world-class marketing and distribution services for independent films. The firm also has relationships with record labels (for soundtracks), DVD retailers, major online stores, and television networks, both foreign and domestic. Global Cinema Distribution can also assist with the marketability of select film projects set for worldwide distribution prior to principal photography. This additional benefit is based on strict criteria.

Today it is a challenge to get any independent film released and Global Cinema Distribution can help!  The company can also get your film released worldwide. The staff are all experienced with ancillary revenue streams, corporate sponsorships, and specialized promotional marketing to help promote a film to a worldwide audience.


Film Marketing

Global Cinema Distribution creates unique traditional and nontraditional marketing strategies for promoting and selling an independent film. The firm can provide marketing/promotional partners that can be leveraged to spread the buzz about a project, promote DVD sales, and get people to your screenings.  Our team can create the right promotional materials and strategies that take advantage of digital technologies and the Internet to make your film a success!

  • Traditional & nontraditional worldwide marketing services for your film
  • DVD and digital download marketing expertise
  • Event-based promotions in major markets
  • Social media marketing
  • Sponsor-driven promotions and ancillary revenue streams
  • Marketing and Promotional partners
  • We are a complete independent distribution and film marketing solution!