Erika, Larissa, Bobi, and Kylie fly to Mexico for a much deserved week of partying, sight-seeing, and sun bathing.  When they arrive, Larissa, the most reserved of the four, runs into Suzo, a Mexican peddler.  Suzo instantly falls for her and Larissa senses an animal attraction to this simple peddler, but her friends pull her away.  Suzo is a werewolf, and what’s worse… a very jealous one.

After a bad nightclub experience Larissa leaves by herself and is soon attacked by a werewolf—unbeknownst to her it is Suzo.  Larissa transforms from innocent vegan into a meat-craving, lustful woman with werewolf powers.  Her friends are shocked.

Larissa takes to the street in search of a man to satisfy her desires but before anything can happen the chosen man is slaughtered by Suzo.  Suzo reveals his love for Larissa but threatens to kill her if she is ever unfaithful to him.

Soon detectives Robles and Enrique are on the case and they devise a plan to capture the werewolf.  Suzo is constantly in a rage over Larissa’s promiscuous behavior and lashes out at her friends.  Will the group ever make it out of  Mexico…alive?


Status:  In Development