During a 5 year prison sentence, Johnny Sanchez is forced to use his skills as a mixed martial artist to entertain the corrupt warden Harbin Rask.  His incarceration prematurely ends when Rask makes him an offer he can’t refuse: fight for him in the cash prize MMA tournament.

When he returns, Johnny discovers that the money he sent to Julia to support her and their son never arrived—instead Rask has been stealing it. He finds his family in complete disarray and the family car repair business is at risk of foreclosure. Johnny must learn to discipline himself and earn the respect of those he loves by fighting his way to the top.

SUBMISSION features high intensity fight choreography sure to satisfy every action movie lover!

Starring:  Gray Maynard, Frank Shamrock, Ving Rhames, Ernie Reyes Jr., Ernie Reyes Sr., George Takei, John Savage, Maria Conchita Alonso, Fernanda Romero, Sara Downing, and Ken Takemoto

Release Date:  Nov. 2011